We do not believe in making compromises regarding the various treatments we perform. We will make every effort to fulfil the expectations of our patients. We are fully responsible for the quality of our work and therefore, for medical services performed in our clinic, patients receive a warranty according to the following rules:
Duration of the guarantee:
1. Composite fillings – 3 years. A composite filling which is located in the surroundings of the tooth cervix are covered by a one-year guarantee. In the case of existing cavities in the remaining teeth (where the so-called zones of support are missing) we provide a guarantee for 12 months (after filling the remaining cavities, the guarantee is extended up to 3 years -with the exception of fillings in the cervical margins of the tooth). In the case of bruxism, the duration of the guarantee is established by the prosthodontist specialist.
2. Fixed prosthetic restorations (classical crowns and bridges, crowns and bridges for implants, veneers, inlays, overlays) – 3 years.
3.  Acrylic dentures – 2 years.
4. Metal frame acrylic dentures – 3 years.
5. Implants – 5-10 years, depending on the type of implantological system applied and the condition of the patient’s oral cavity (the amount and type of bone, any coexisting diseases, dental hygiene, smoking etc.)
6. Occlusal splint and relaxation splint – 1 year
Conditions of maintaining the guarantee:
1. Follow-up visits every 6 months, during which an intraoral examination will be performed and treatment by a dentist or dental hygienist: professional teeth cleaning using stone and sediment (scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation)
2. Maintaining dental hygiene according to the dentist’s, or the dental hygienist’s instructions.
The guarantee does not include:
1. Endodontic (root canal) treatment due to the unpredictable process of healing concerning inflammation of the tissue around the apical
2. Temporary works – fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, temporary acrylic dentures after extraction of the teeth
3. Work without guarantee or with limited guarantee, the performance of which the patient was informed and which was made by request of the patient
4. Treatment of inflammatory conditions of the alveolus after tooth extraction.
5.Treatment of inflammation of the pulp immediately after filling or deposition of prosthetic work – in this case, the patient bears only the cost of endodontic treatment

Types of damage not covered:

1. Mechanical damage to natural or artificial teeth during endodontic treatment (eg, between visits)
2. Traumatic injuries (for example, by hitting the prosthetic crown or other unfortunate accidents)
3. Damage resulting from incorrect dental hygiene
4. Damage resulting from failure to follow the dentist’s instructions regarding prosthetic restorations
5. Damage as a result of a coexisting disease which adversely affects the  chewing process (e.g. diabetes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, post-treatment after chemo therapy or radiotherapy)
6. Damage caused to the prosthetic by weak, non-supportive teeth or missing teeth
7. Damage caused by other professionals
8. Damage as a result of the natural disappearance of the bone and changes in the paradentium.