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Your Smile is Magic

By Sarah Stevenson It’s a rough morning. First, my alarm doesn’t go off. Then I’m late getting my son to school because another driver decides to roll into me. It doesn’t damage my car, but it completely wrecks my mood. Then I get to my doctors appointment only to realize I’m an...

From Dental Terrified to Dental Tourist

My two new dental crowns were completed from start to finish in less than two weeks. And I still had 99% of my time to soak up the healthy Cretan cuisine, sunshine, sea, sand and scenery. It really was a dental holiday, and I was a very happy to be a first-time dental tourist...

How Patrick- one of our patients- overcame his fear of the dentist

with  the help of a well trained and sympathetic dentist One of our recent patients from the UK tells us how he suffered from dentist phobia during his teenage years and how he finally overcame it with the help of a well trained and sympathetic dentist. He found the same...

Self-betterment: The SMART way

Spring is a time for renewal. After nesting all winter ­­­­now is the time to move forward with your life. You now have that extra energy and focus to take action and create change. This is everywhere the case, but somehow it is even more so in sunny Crete, where nature is in...

My dental visit in Greece

A very pleasant holiday experience After repeated re-cementing of my upper right incisor crown due to a broken post, I decided to visit Dr. Giorgos Antonopoulos at Gentle Dental Abroad whilst on holiday on Crete. I explained that I had limited time on the island and wished to...

What do your teeth say about you?

(Click image to enlarge) [ SOURCE: Carrington College – What do your teeth say about you? ]

The Slog saved £20.000 on Dental Implants in Greece

John Ward, founder of the well-known blog the Slog, talks about how he saved £20,000 on dental implants in Greece. John talks about his personal experience on how to research for a good dental clinic, and how he decided to opt for dental implants surgery abroad.   In a more...

My dental story

One of my very first experiences as a dentist was with Fabienne. Fabiene was a young Belgian woman in her mid-forties, who moved  to Athens in search of a warmer climate.  As was the case with most young professionals in pre-crisis Greece, she was working 2 jobs, as a secretary...
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