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Am I a suitable candidate for Dental implants?

Are Dental Implants right for replacing your missing teeth? Most probably yes. Most people with reasonably good health are good candidates for dental implant surgery. Our implant specialist is the best person to evaluate it. Just send us a recent dental panoramic radiograph (also...

6 top reasons I recommend using an Electric Tooth Brush

Brushing your teeth after eating is the single most important habit for healthy teeth.  To keep both your teeth and gums in good condition, always brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled, well maintained brush.  Especially important is to brush your teeth before going...

Why do I recommend preserving natural teeth as opposed to placing dental implants

Natural Teeth: Nature’s Gift Natural teeth are the “equipment” mother nature has given us, to help us process our food. They also help us speak clearly.  As a doctor I take special care to help preserve nature’s gifts for as long as possible, in a minimally invasive way...

What do foreigners living in Crete think about the Greek Health Care System?

Mr Franklin Neal Floyd posted the following question in the popular facebook Group “Living in Crete”: “As a retired military member that has visited Crete 3 times I would like to ask the group how have you found medical care in Crete compared with Europe and the...

Self-betterment: The SMART way

Spring is a time for renewal. After nesting all winter ­­­­now is the time to move forward with your life. You now have that extra energy and focus to take action and create change. This is everywhere the case, but somehow it is even more so in sunny Crete, where nature is in...


 Protects and Strengthens your teeth Fluoride is a natural mineral that is found in our everyday food and drinking water. It helps reduce tooth decay and protects the integrity of the teeth. Fluoride strengthens the teeth enamel, so teeth become more resistant. Once teeth are...
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