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Dr. Giorgos Antonopoulos DDs, dentist in Greece

Dr George Antonopoulos is a dentist in Greece offering cosmetic dental services at a fraction of the cost of comparable services in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.

Together with his team, he performs highly aesthetic dental restorations in a relaxed and stylish dental practice in Hersonissos- a beautiful, sunbathed, coastal town in Greece.

We are currently performing the full-mouth restoration of  Mr. Patrick Flynn from Oxford UK.

He is creating small videos describing his experience and treatment.

Watch Live: Patrick’s Dental Makeover in Greece


Prices of cosmetic dentists in Greece are up to 70% lower than at home

Xive Dental Implant with Crown:
Nobel Biocare Implant with Crown:
Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crown:
Zirconia Crown:
Dental Veneer:
3-piece Porcelain Bridge:
5-piece Porcelain Bridge:€All-on-4 (1  Acrylic Denture & 4 Xive Implants):
All-on-6 (a Porcelain Bridge over 6 Xive Implants):




Dr. Antonopoulos guarantees outstanding cosmetic dental restorations

Dr. Antonopoulos patients might choose to seek cosmetic dental treatment in Greece because of the attractive pricing offer, but it is the amiable service and the outstanding results that most impress them.

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Unbeatable personal service, professional skill and value!Patrick Flynn, UK


High standard quality, good price/quality ratio,a little bit of humor and personal service make your visit comfortable – Ankie van Roeij, Netherlands


From entering this clinic on the first day I immediately knew and felt I was in very good hands. Every visit has been lovely, relaxing and friendly, the attention to detail and immaculatly clean envioroment made me feel confident and happy. –  Sharon Koukourakis, Greece


Dental tourists all over Europe appreciate receiving money-saving dental treatments in such a pleasant vacation destination.

dentist crete, dental holiday , dentist greece, dentist abroad, hersonissos holidays,The dental practice is situated right in the middle  of Hersonissos a very popular coastal resort of Crete. Crete is the biggest and undoubtledely the most interesting Greek island. The international airport of  Heraclion – situated just 30 minutes away- is connected with all major European destinations.  A plethora of hotels, bars and restaurants for all budgets are walking distance from the dental practice. The very attractive location, the excellent service and the low prices  makes the practice  very popular with international patients.


A state-of-the-art, friendly dental practice in Greece

dental practice Greece, dentist Greece, cosmetic dental practice in greece,The dental practice is equipped with state of the art dental treatment centers by Sirona. Dr Antonopoulos is dedicated to providing dental services of the highest  standards in accordance with the  best practices and principles of the Greek and British Dental Associations. The dental team has more than  10 years of experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, All dentists are not only scientifically competent but equally importantly compassionate and kind. The team is supported by a gifted dental technician, who is present  in all crucial stages of the dental restorations. All members of the staff are fluent in English


The Gentle Dental Promise
We will create  scientifically and aesthetically sound prosthetic restorations, as prescribed in the dental treatment protocols.  We will replace or repair any faults on the restorations free of charge.*

*The free replacement warranty covers faults that might arise on prosthetic dental treatments- dental crowns, bridges, dentures  within the first 3 years.  Warranty does not cover preventive, endodontic, periodontal treatments. It does not cover expected treatment complications such as implant failure, or works that were made at the request of the patient and whose limitations were duly explained.

Dental Association of Attica  –  Whatclinic Customer Service Award  –  All Services Guaranteed & Warantied


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