preventive dentistry

7 tips for whiter teeth that last after professional teeth whitening

Keeping your teeth white is easy.  Just read through these 7 tips and I am sure you will be able to keep your teeth pearly white for a long time after teeth whitening. Follow a good dental hygiene routine Brush your teeth at least twice daily and always before going to bed. Even...

Why do I recommend preserving natural teeth as opposed to placing dental implants

Natural Teeth: Nature’s Gift Natural teeth are the “equipment” mother nature has given us, to help us process our food. They also help us speak clearly.  As a doctor I take special care to help preserve nature’s gifts for as long as possible, in a minimally invasive way...

My dental visit in Greece

A very pleasant holiday experience After repeated re-cementing of my upper right incisor crown due to a broken post, I decided to visit Dr. Giorgos Antonopoulos at Gentle Dental Abroad whilst on holiday on Crete. I explained that I had limited time on the island and wished to...

How to deal with Bruxism or Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding affects the teeth and facial muscles Do you suffer from migraine or headache when you wake up in the morning? Does the headache subside during the day? Are your jaw muscles aching and tensed every morning? Has your partner or your keen heard your teeth crunching...
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