Dental Implant

Am I a suitable candidate for Dental implants?

Are Dental Implants right for replacing your missing teeth? Most probably yes. Most people with reasonably good health are good candidates for dental implant surgery. Our implant specialist is the best person to evaluate it. Just send us a recent dental panoramic radiograph (also...

10 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants in Greece

    Dental Implants are without doubt the most convenient way to replace missing teeth.  They optimally combine comfort, durability with natural looks. Furthermore when you opt to receive dental implant treatment in Greece you can be sure to receive top class dental implants...

    Why do I recommend preserving natural teeth as opposed to placing dental implants

    Natural Teeth: Nature’s Gift Natural teeth are the “equipment” mother nature has given us, to help us process our food. They also help us speak clearly.  As a doctor I take special care to help preserve nature’s gifts for as long as possible, in a minimally invasive way...

    The Slog saved £20.000 on Dental Implants in Greece

    John Ward, founder of the well-known blog the Slog, talks about how he saved £20,000 on dental implants in Greece. John talks about his personal experience on how to research for a good dental clinic, and how he decided to opt for dental implants surgery abroad.   In a more...

    Dental implants save costs

    Dental implants improve quality of life but also…  Dental implants save costs! A systematic review of 14 studies published between 2000 and 2010 concludes that, compared with traditional tooth replacement options, dental implant solutions:   were generally cost-saving or...
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