Things to do in Crete

Top 5 Beaches in Hersonissos, a lovely coastal resort in the magnificent Greek island of Crete

Saradari Beach Best beach for: Calm Turquoise-blue Sea Water, Snorkeling and Full Moon Bathing On the edge of Hersonissos to the west, lie a series of small inlets and bays separated by rocky cliffs vibrant with limpets, small crabs and other sea animals. The sea is almost always...

134 music virtuosos under the moonlight of Houdetsi : Things to do in between appointments

Houdetsi Festival is a free 4-day musical celebration taking place in the begining of August. The small traditional village welcomes visitors and musicians from around the globe   Music is in the air as you walk up the small hilly road to the village of Houdetsi. Young and...
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